Price Lines & Currencies

Each label has a standard price line. This price line can, for example, have the name “Europe” and be managed in the currency EUR. All article prices then refer to this price line and the currency.

In addition, you can define any number of additional price lines. For example, if you sell internationally, you can offer an additional price line for the USA in USD and one for Switzerland in CHF. You then define the prices for the other price lines for the articles.

Conversion factor

If you do not offer fixed prices in USD, for example, but want to convert them depending on the standard currency, use the conversion factor.


1 EUR costs 1,14 USD

In this case, you can set the conversion factor in the price line “USA” to “114” so that all prices from the standard price line are calculated accordingly for the currency USD with 114%. If the currency fluctuates strongly, you only have to change the factor in the price lines and all prices will be recalculated.